Help Center

How do I setup my online store?

Gift Solved sets up the store automatically for you. When adding a brand enter the desired url name and once the brand has been approved your online store will be up and running. You can then send the url to your website developer to add the link on your own website and social media pages; allowing you to direct customers to your gift cards.

How do I receive the funds from my online store sales?

When a customer purchases a gift card online Gift Solved receives the funds securely. We hold the funds for a short period of time to cover any refunds or chargebacks that may occur, under the UK distance selling regulation. On the 1st & 15th of every month we will transfer the realised funds to your bank account minus our small fee.

What delivery methods are available for my customers?

Your customers have the choice of receiving their gift card via email or post. Email delivery is free and can be delivered instantly or at a scheduled time chosen by them. Postal delivery is sent via Royal Mail First Class, if ordered before 1pm they will likely receive the gift card the working next day. Postal deliveries carry a small fee to the customer of £2.95.

How do I issue a gift card in-store?

When a customer wishes to purchase an in-store gift card you must issue it and load it with credit before use. You can do this from our brand mobile app available on iOS and Android or alternatively the web app.

How do my customers purchase a gift card?

A customer can purchase from two channels, online or in-store.

Online purchases are created through your online branded marketplace - you simply add a link to your marketplace on social media, your website, in emails and anywhere your customers will see it.

In-store, you pre-order a batch of gift cards from us printed with one of your designs. These cards will contain no credit and will need to be loaded upon purchase. A customer visits your store requests an amount on a gift card, you issue credit onto the card and take the money from the customer - just like any other transaction.

How do my customers activate their gift card?

Once a customer receives their gift card, in the post, they must visit, enter the 16-digit gift card number and their telephone number. Gift Solved then makes automated call or SMS to the customers telephone with a unique 4-digit code; they must then enter this code online to activate their gift card. Activation is only required for cards sent via postal delivery, this is to ensure a secure transit. Information about activation is printed on reverse of the card and on the customer receipt.

How do my customers redeem their gift card?

When we create the gift card a secure 16 unique code is assigned and printed as a barcode on the back. When the recipient of the gift card comes to redeem, you can use our brand mobile app available on iOS and Android to scan the barcode. This sends a message to our platform informing us to deduct an amount from the card. Alternatively, you can use your web app dashboard and enter the gift card number manually.